Our responsibility to our customers, particularly in the area of safety and comfort, is taken very seriously. Products are designed and produced to the most stringent quality standards to guarantee optimum personal safety and user comfort. Saint-Gobain Abrasives is an active member of both FEPA and oSa.  Atlas products comply with all expectations of European safety standards.
FEPA,  the Federation of European Producers of Abrasives, is dedicated to the promotion of safety in the use of abrasives and is actively involved in the preparation and implementation of the European (EN) and International Standards (ISO) for Abrasives and Grinding Machines.
oSa,  the Organisation for Safety of Abrasives pursues in close collaboration with FEPA the objectives of supporting both the currently attained safety standards for abrasive products and their further developments.
The internal testing and certification is based on the following standards:
• Safety requirements for bonded abrasive products (EN 12413: 2007)
• Safety requirements for super abrasive products (EN 13236: 2001)
• Safety requirements for coated abrasives (EN 13743: 2002)


Thus the oSa symbol on the abrasive signifies enhanced application safety for the user, a reduced liability risk and excellent brand image for manufacturers, traders and those in marketing.